• Book Designs: cover designs as well as interior page design, layout, and typesetting—from concept to press-compliant files uploaded to your printer or print-on-demand distributors
  • E-book formatting and conversions
  • Support services for independent and self-publishing authors:
    • Create the production team specifically for your book, which may include editors, a proofreader, indexer, or printer; ghostwriter or storytelling support services; and others as needed
    • Obtain printers’ quotes, interpret quote documents, and advise on best printing options
    • Make the production schedule and manage your project’s progress
    • Resources to assist with promotion, marketing, and sales
    • Image search, selection, and acquisition
    • Non-destructive image editing, repairs, and touch-ups
    • Composite photo illustration

If you have a personal, family, or business story, or a special event you’d like to tell using various other media, including photo slideshows, video, and more, check out my affiliated partners at Tell Your Story Productions.