To write a book usually takes time, careful thought, and a lot of hard work. Because your book is a reflection of both you and your text, it makes sense to use the same care you took to write it when choosing how it should be designed.

Don’t let your efforts be wasted on clichéd covers, harsh page layouts, careless typography, or inferior production.

At Kato Design & Photo I interweave my extensive experience in book design and publishing, photography, and visual art—including high-level skills in typography and photo editing—along with my skills in managing complex projects and meeting deadlines.

I have over fourteen years’ experience designing book covers and interior page layouts for traditional publishers and independent authors: including art books, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biographies, memoirs, self-improvement books, corporate celebration books, cookbooks, drama, Y/A and kids’ books.

While honing my skills as a book designer, I worked for several years in various roles within the book publishing industry, gaining valuable knowledge about book publishing standards and practices. Thus, I’m well positioned to help independent authors manage the sometimes complex elements involved in publishing books.

Creating the best possible book requires a team effort and involves effective communication, coordination, and time management. I have always loved working collaboratively and find the work I do for book publishers, indie authors, and artists to be especially rewarding in this regard. Effective communication and creative energy work beautifully together. I combine them to produce a book you will be proud to own, share, and sell.

—Jan Westendorp

Jan Westendorp