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“ It’s a beautiful, beautiful publication.”

—Gloria Macarenko, speaking about Canucks in Khaki on CBC Radio; BC Almanac,
April 7, 2017, “ Battle of Vimy Ridge 100th Anniversary.”

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“ Jan Westendorp has designed a beautiful book that features more than 100 rarely seen paintings, prints and photographs. ”

—Mary Ann Moore, book reviewer in Vancouver Sun

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“ I love and value your dedication, drive and commitment. We were so lucky to have met you!!!! ”

—Gurdeep Stephens, author of Wood Storms Wild Canvas: The Art of Godfrey Stephens and This is Earth is Ours: 30 Organic Years Along Nature’s Path.

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First edition cover for What Every Kid Needs and Money Can't Buy

“ Jan, This book has exceeded my wildest dreams in terms of cover design and interior layout. You are a talented, focused book designer and have a wonderful ability to set and meet deadlines. Thanks. ~ Keith ”

—Keith Pattinson, author, What Every Kid Needs – and Money Can’t Buy


“ It is sooooo beautiful! ”

—Mona Fertig, publisher, Mother Tongue Publishing, upon receiving delivery of The Unheralded Artists of BC #5

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“ Jan was a joy to work with. Her talents as a designer and photographer are amazing.”

—Warren Sommer, author of Canucks in Khaki


“ Thank you so much for successfully managing the processes of design, editorial, proofreading, and indexing of my book. You are indeed a great team lead.”

—Albert P. Cruz, PhD., author of Becoming Who You Want to Be

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“ [This Earth is Ours] is a glorious presentation of text and images that belongs as a ‘coffee’ table keeper wherever non-GMO and organic and beyond standards of integrity are celebrated . . . it will remain as a treasured collector addition to our library at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community. ”

—Blog post by Leslie Goldman, at


“ Jan, is an artist, technician, and production maestro.”

Marial Shea, writing coach, editor, and ghostwriter for authors and entrepreneurs

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“ Mother Tongue makes beautiful books, and Fantetti’s slim volume is no exception. The cover is 21st-century ironic . . . Inside, the six stories, each with a food-related title and graphic — spatula, rolling pin, measuring cup . . . run[s] to a scant 86 pages, but book length isn’t the point here. Brevity and emotional impact is the point; essence is the point, and engagement. ”

—M.A.C. Farrant, book reviewer in Vancouver Sun, January 4, 2014

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“ The book is as beautiful as the others in this series. Mother Tongue has reproduced many of Uhthoff’s works in colour, and the images show the artist’s development and her interest in changing styles.”

—Candace Fertile, Victoria Times Colonist, “ Artist’s story a part of Victoria’s history.”  Sunday, July 08, 2012.

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“ . . . Terrific is also a way of describing the production values of this fourth volume in the “ Unheralded ” series: selected watercolours have been given excellent reproduction to highlight the vibrancy of their rich colours and painter’s bold brush strokes . . . ”

—David Stouck, in BC Bookworld, Autumn 2011; Review: “ Mildred Valley Thornton & Emily Carr, The Unheralded Artists of BC #4 

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The Unheralded Artists of BC . . . are exquisitely beautiful collector’s books that add to the richness of our history . . .  ”

—Eve Lazarus, author and blogger

Memoir by David Bertram Gill

“ I’ve just received [the shipment of] David Gill’s Tales of a Financial Frontiersman . . . it so beautifully reflects the superior quality of your work . . . ”

—Marilyn Pitchford, executive assistant and publications manager for the author, David Gill


“ . . . it’s beautifully designed and just a great read. I had trouble putting it down, and am sorry it was not longer . . . ”

—John Goodman, North Shore News, reviewing At the World’s Edge: Curt Lang’s Vancouver 1937–1998 in “ One of 10 great reads of 2011 — Under the neon: The life and times of Downtown Poet Curt Lang ”

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“ We really value your excellent work.”

—Brook Houghlam, editor, TCR: The Capilano Review

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“ I’ve just received the latest TCR and it looks really good. Jan, you did a great job on the layout, sizing, and cleaning up of the images . . . ”

—Keith Wallace, visual art editor, TCR: The Capilano Review