“I . . . was very impressed by your thorough research as well as the impeccably typeset pages. It is a great honour to be credited in such a beautiful book.”

—Akira Kobyashi, Creative Type Director, Monotype

in email to L E DeGiane

The booklet, A Woman’s Type, is part of Lauren Elle DeGaine’s Master of English Literature thesis at the University of Victoria. In her thesis DeGaine examines the work of ten twentieth-century women typeface designers and the influences that informed their designs. Thesis materials include a letterpress-printed portfolio folder and type specimen pages, along with this 98-page illustrated booklet in which DeGaine discusses the individual biographies and design criteria that inspired her subjects’ typeface designs. In addition the print-based materials, this project encompasses wider accessibility as an open-source document available online. In the spirit of its open-source format and in recognition of women typeface designers, we employed open-source typefaces, PT Serif and PT Sans, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PT_Fonts) designed by Alexandra Korolkova with Olga Umpelova and Vladimir Yefimov.

In an email to Lauren Elle, Akira Kobayashi, Creative Type Director at Monotype commented that the typesetting in this booklet is impeccable.

To see the complete project in its open-source form, click here.

ISBN: 978-1-9990341-1-5 (softcover; saddle stitched)

9 x 12 inches

98 pages; including 17 in colour