“As I tentatively reached for the doorknob, a scene from Alice in Wonderland flashed through my mind. Do you remember the tiny door that Alice encountered when she fell into the rabbit hole? In the movie, the doorknob morphs into a little face and begins to speak to Alice. Would this doorknob come to life as well, I wondered? Would it sprout tiny ears, whiskers and a pointy snout? . . . ”

Explore the adventures of Chaplain Laurel, author of Let’s Pray Scripture!, as God reveals the challenges and rewards of living on the fringe alongside the ‘outcasts’ of society.
Humorous and intriguing, this book is a compelling read.

Cover and page design, layout, and typesetting by Jan Westendorp/Kato Design and Photo.

Published by STL Waters Publishing

5.5 × 8.5 inches


174 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9938382-1-7

Available from Red Tuque Books