The design brief, working in collaboration with Behind the Book, included designing this book’s inside pages, and a fixed layout eBook compatible with Kindle devices as well as other eBook platforms.

In The New Dreaming, Sarah Foster shares the stories of fifteen Elders and Knowledge Keepers from around the world as they express their relationship with nature, ancestral teachings and traditions, language, and a personal message to all children of the Earth. Through these diverse voices and worldviews, readers will experience a beautiful variety of geographical places, cultures, and communities while discovering the universal connections that unite us all.

7.5 × 9.52 inches

120 pages; full colour throughout

ISBN: 978-17774600-0-6 (softcover) | ISBN 978-17774600-2-0 (eBook/.epub) | ISBN: 978-1-7774600-1-3 (eBook/Kindle)

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