The small crew of the Starship Intrepid, with its newly developed and untried experimental computers and faster-than-light engines, head into space and are led to the planet Nyanga by a mysterious radio beacon emanating millions of miles away. After a perilous landing on the planet, they discover two civilizations, one under the dictatorship of an evil, all-powerful entity ruling the city and its people, while the other lives peacefully and harmoniously with nature. Danger, feints and double-crosses await John, a former Scout Service spaceship pilot, and his crew mates, Brian, a Space Merchant Corp veteran and owner of the Orion’s Belt Bar, along with Susan, the executive secretary to an eccentric billionaire, on the roller coaster adventure of a lifetime.

Cover and page design, layout, typesetting, and reflowable eBook production by Jan Westendorp/Kato Design and Photo.

6 × 9 inches


606 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7774729-0-0 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-17774729-1-7 (eBook)

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