Love in Northern Rapids recounts 18 canoe trips over more than a dozen years on many arctic rivers and on the Beaufort Sea, as well as the Inside Passage and other waterways in western North America. Author, Freda Mellenthin, proves that youth is no prerequisite for learning new skills, braving the elements, or falling in love. At the age of 61, she met Ted Mellenthin, an enthusiastic whitewater paddler of the same age who brought a canoe on their first date. They hit it off immediately, and Ted started to teach Freda the basic paddling strokes. Less than a year later, the pair set out on their first canoe expedition—into the Canadian Arctic.

This 7 x 9-inch book design project includes a softcover binding as well as interior pages including 16 maps, covering all the expeditions, along with 16 black and white photos and 32 in full colour.

Love in Northern Rapids is available in book stores, specialty stores, marinas and tourism locales throughout Canada.