The design brief for these inter-connected erotica novels included the covers and interior pages for the print edition, along with the ebook to be compatible with all e-readers.

Quoted as Destiny

On Sunny’s wedding day, her mother, Daina, guesses that something is up. But when the moment arrives, Daina is completely blindsided. . . . The fears she’d been carrying—along with her secret—for over 20 years were now coming to fruition. Her treasured relationships with those she cared so much about, would never be the same.

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That Quote was How it Began

The connection between Daina and Jake was instantaneous, electrifying in its intensity. . . . [A] sense of knowing teased her, but would remain elusive until both were well-entrenched in the relationship. But this is not your typical account of infidelity, affairs, or the “other woman.” The bond between them . . . continues in this lifetime.

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Claudia Returns

When Claudia leaves her high school sweetheart, her adoptive parents, and country to explore her Israeli roots and culture she gets much more than the adventure she’s looking for. . . . [A]fter a seemingly chance encounter with a sadistic, manipulative man, Claudia’s life is changed forever and her journey becomes one of survival. . . . Whether Claudia will be strong enough to not only survive but overcome may well depend on the friends, family and the first love she left behind.

Paperback and Kindle edition available on Amazon